The first-ever digital version of Bigg Boss Tamil is all set to begin and the fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing this new show. Titled Bigg Boss Ultimate, this show will have contestants of the previous seasons taking part in the competition once again as a second opportunity. Having said that, the makers of the show have now officially revealed the first contestant of Bigg Boss Ultimate. Yes! Lyricist Snehan who participated in the inaugural edition of Bigg Boss Tamil will step inside the Bigg Boss house once again and the official announcement regarding the same has made the fans excited.

The usual practice of Bigg Boss is to introduce the contestants on the premiere episode, but it looks like the team has taken a different approach for Bigg Boss Ultimate. The announcement was made through a short promo teaser which featured Snehan himself. Going forward, one contestant will be revealed each day until Sunday, January 30. Snehan emerged as the runner up of the first season of Bigg Boss and he gave a tough fight to the rest of the contestants with his game. The talented lyricist recently entered wedlock with actress Kannika Ravi and the duo's romantic pictures have always earned the love of the fans. It is going to be interesting to see Snehan back in the Bigg Boss house.

We will be getting to know a few more names this week and get ready for some exciting surprises. Bigg Boss Ultimate will be an exclusive OTT show that will be available to stream only on the Disney Hotstar platform. The highlight aspect of this edition is that it will be a 24/7 show available to stream throughout the day. Bigg Boss is usually edited into a one hour program and aired on Vijay TV, but the OTT edition will have live streaming on a 24/7 basis. Kamal Haasan will continue as the host of the show, making his debut in the digital space. Bigg Boss Ultimate is all set to begin on January 30, Sunday, evening at 6.30 PM and the show is expected to happen for a span of around 70 days.