In 2022, Niroop Nandakumar is a popular personality who has a good level of fan following. Niroop, an entrepreneur and budding actor, took part in the recently concluded fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil and he was one of the finalists. The show has given him the much-needed breakthrough and fame and people are now looking forward to seeing him in exciting projects. Niroop got the opportunity of Bigg Boss with the help of actress Yashika Aannand who happens to be his ex-girlfriend. Niroop had even talked about it during the game.

Meanwhile, in his recent interview with Galatta Media, Niroop gave clarity on his relationship with Yashika and he was quite open about it. Talking about his relationship with Yashika, Niroop said, "Yes! We were in love with each other and spent a great time together. Later, we broke up for a reason, yet, we are still great friends now. There is nothing to hide about my relationship with Yashika. The whole world knows about it now. I got the Bigg Boss offer only because of Yashika and I would tell this anywhere. Only because of her, the channel got to know about me and contacted me for Bigg Boss.

I am not here to hide anything. The fame I enjoy now is because of her. When you stop talking with your girlfriend after a breakup, it looks like there is no meaning to the happy days that you have spent with her. It is wrong to hate your ex. Yashika and I talked, sorted our problems, and broke up mutually. We were happy together during our relationship and we are still happy now, as friends. I am yet to meet her after Bigg Boss as she is stuck at her friend's wedding. We are in touch through phone".

Well, it looks like this will now give the people a clearer picture of the relationship between Niroop and Yashika. Find Niroop's exclusive interview below to know his experience and honest thoughts on Bigg Boss and his fellow housemates: