Tamil films have had a wide range of titles ranging from animals, lyrics from a song, things, names, etc. Sometimes, they even hit us with a wombo-combo by tossing them together to form a movie title out of it. This format has been followed for years and does not seem to be dying down anytime soon. It has not faced any backlash and has been working out pretty well so far and stopping this would serve no purpose. The fascination does not stop there for filmmakers and goes even further since Tamil films have also had many movies named after places and they too as the rest work in its favor. It also helps the audience realize and learn about new places they may not know or have forgotten about. Let us look at a few such films that have remained memorable and imprinted into our hearts (in no particular order of importance):


The film is named after the titular character Sivakasi (Vijay). Being Tamil Nadu's fireworks capital, both the film and the character share similar attributes and one of them being, they both are explosive!


The film is named after the titular character Thirupathi (Ajith Kumar), who is just like the place is - celebratory and full of heart. 


The film is named after the titular character Pazhanivel (Bharath) as it is a short and sweet way of referring to him instead of calling out his whole name. 


The film is named after Chennai's old nomenclature and deals with the old-school power struggles that took place frequently within localities in the city back in the day.


The film's title is a colloquial reference to North Chennai as it sheds light on the rise and fall of gangs in that part of the city. 


The film was named after Mumbai's old nomenclature since its plot tells the story of an inter-religious family in the city before and during the Bombay riots, which took place between December 1992 and January 1993 after the demolition of the Babri Masjid that led to religious tensions between Hindu and Muslim communities.


The film is named after the titular character Madhuravel (Vijay), who is the district collector of Madurai in the story.  


The film was named so because the story revolves around a valuable sword and a palace in Mettukudi.


The film is named so since it follows the story of how two young advocates Karthik (Vijay Antony) and Melina (Sushma Raj) get involved in many fights. They both live in the same building, lock up each other, fight and always try to prove they are the better advocate of the two -- sounds similar to India and Pakistan relations. 

10) CHENNAI 600028:

The film is named after the location pin code in Chennai since a majority of the story takes place there. It was named so with the idea of including the area's postcode, which director Venkat Prabhu felt the title was more apt and universal and, he could not be more right. 

11) GOA:

The movie was given this title as the whole story focuses on how the life of three rural men from Tamil Nadu completely changes after they move to the urban jungle of Goa. A fun and jolly good film, Goa is exactly how the city is.


The film is named so since the story follows a family hailing from Papanasam, a small town in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu, who get caught in the middle of a dark incident. 


The title is derived from the river of the same name, which flows through Thirunelveli and Thoothukudi, where the film's story is set.


The film is named so since it depicts the pitiable state and struggles of the silk weavers in the town of Kanchipuram in the pre-Independence era as they were unorganized and marginalized to live a perpetual hand-to-mouth existence.


The film's title translates to a new hood or new area and it is aptly named. The story follows a young boy who runs away after his mother is killed. He ends up in the company of a gangster and soon becomes his right-hand man and makes dangerous enemies along the way in the new hood that he finds himself in.