We remember and know our beloved Tamil actors for delivering some of the most memorable performances as the leading man or woman. But there have been times when they have done a marvellous job by stepping out of their comfort zone to take on a role of a character belonging to the opposite sex. Let us look at some of such performances that left us dazzled by the actors' versatility, talent and ability to adapt and mould their character to a different sex: 


His acting is undoubtedly unparalleled and his portrayal of Shilpa was more than awe-inspiring. He embodied the character to his level best and gave us a powerful performance that is well embedded into our memory for years to come. He brought in the feminine body language in an interesting fashion that was widely noted by the audiences. 


The film shows the extent to which a man would go in order to win the woman of his dream. But Sivakarthikeyan's performance as the nurse Regina Motwani aka Remo was quite well done. He transformed into a lady nurse and incorporated body language in a likeable manner. The point of the character was to both ease himself and the audience into his plan to get the love of his life and this goal was unwavering given his impressive portrayal of the character. 


One cannot expect any less from the Ulaganayagan, whether he is playing a man, a woman, or 10 different people in a single movie. But in this film, Kamal clearly gave it his all as he nailed the character from every aspect. He fine-tuned his mannerisms, body language and other factors to suit the character and make it believable.


In this film, Prashanth disguises himself as a woman in order to convince the landlady to give him a place to stay. He does a phenomenal job at bringing this character to leave without any hassle posed by other parties. 


Though the romantic thriller was released to mixed reviews, the critics still went on to praise the performance of Prakash Raj as the person who played the Appuraj Nippukumar (Appu). This film is the Tamil remake of the 1991 Hindi film. Prakash Raj played the character of a eunuch and received a rave response for it. 


Gautami gives a captivating performance as a man in a certain portion of the film. She was able to hold the audience's attention with her performance and her combination scenes with Bhagyaraj were a great treat to watch for the audience. It turned out to be one of the most confident performances of her.  


Sarathkumar gives a stellar performance while playing the character of Kanchana, a transgender woman who was disowned by her parents. His raw yet intense portrayal of the character is something that managed to instill in our memories. Lawrence's portrayal of the same character after being possessed by Kanchana's spirit is also something that cannot remain unspoken about. His visceral and unique take on the character was enjoyed by the audiences. 


Vikram did justice to that one portion of the film where he had to transform into a woman and beat the drunk wrongdoers in a comically smart way while he danced in a seductive manner in order to lure them into a beating.