Raksha Bandhan is a popular festival influenced by Hindu culture where on this day of celebration, sisters of all ages tie a Rakhi around their brother's wrists while they receive a gift in return. Raksha Bandhan is observed on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shraavana, which typically falls in August. Today (August 11) we celebrate this loving event with our brothers and sisters.

Brothers and sisters are gearing up to celebrate the unique bond of togetherness. And when it comes to brother-sister sentiments, Tamil cinema is not behind. Over time, we have had many films that have touched upon the subject of a relationship between a brother and sister. These films show us the great bond that siblings share with one another and there is no better day to look into and talk about it. Therefore, here is a list of 10 films that sheds light on this kinship: 


This film shows how a simple villager Arumpon (Sivakarthikeyan) dotes on his adopted sister Thulasi (Aishwarya Rajesh) and supports her through thick and thin in spite of her being despised by the members of her own family. The film touches upon the close bond the two share with one another and also highlights their loving relationship in the process. 


Kaalaiyan's (Rajinikanth) world revolves around his sister Thanga Meenatchi (Keerthy Suresh), whom he has raised after the death of their parents. Thanga Meenatchi later elopes with someone else and lands herself in trouble but does not tell her brother about it since she does not want to hurt him. But when Kaalaiyan secretly follows her all the way to Kolkata and sees that she is in trouble, he sorts her financial and gangster troubles. This film goes on to show no matter what the issue is, a brother will always have his sister's back (and vice versa).


Sivagiri (Vijay), a blacksmith, would do anything for his sister Karpagam (Mallika). When Sivagiri realizes that Karpagam was assaulted by a few goons, he sets out on a mission to tackle all the rowdies, clean up the city and wipe out rowdyism in order to make Chennai a safer city for his sister and succeeds in doing so. Can one ask for a better brother? 


Siblings Rajasekharan (Sivaji Ganesan) and Radha (Savitri) are orphans and shower their love on each other. When Radha falls in love with her brother's former colleague Anand (Gemini Ganesan), Raju becomes very possessive of his sister. Problems between Raju and Anand boil up and become so tense that Raju leaves on a pilgrimage for peace of mind. This goes on to show the kind of sacrifice a brother is willing to make for his beloved sister. 


The story focuses on the only son of Ranasingam (Sathyaraj) but it’s his various sisters, their husbands and Ranasingam’s two wives that make the most impact. Gunasingam (Karthi) falls in love with Kannukiniyal (Sayyeshaa), but his love is opposed by all of his sisters for various reasons of their own, thereby creating a tussle inside the house. How Gunasingam takes efforts to convince his sisters without losing out on their love or affection is what Kadai Kutty Singam is about and the film managed to touch the hearts of the people effectively.  

When Thamizh (Lakshmi Menon) expresses her wish to pursue her education in an arts college in Kolkata, her brother Ganesh (Ajith) moves with her and begins working as an auto driver. Later, it is revealed that Thamizh is not his real sister but a victim of human trafficking rescued earlier by Ganesh. Later, when Ganesh has to gun down some baddies for the sake of his sister, he proclaims he would do anything for money and affection. 


This brother-sister drama revolves around three brothers and one sister. While Sarathkumar, Murali, and Manoj Bharathiraaja play the brothers, Kaveri plays their doting sister whose life changes overnight when she gets married to a rich man’s son. Not only is she subjected to humiliation and abuse, but her brothers are also ill-treated by her husband and family at every opportunity. The brothers then go on to fight for their sister’s dignity.


Orphaned siblings Madhan (GV Prakash Kumar) and his elder sister Raji (Lijimol Jose) are a huge support to each other. Things turn awry when Raji ends up marrying Madhan's arch-enemy Rajasekhar (Siddharth). As the siblings drift apart, a bad fight where both Madhan and Rajasekhar get grievously injured brings them back together and the entire family gets reunited.


Siblings Maayaandi Thevan (Vijayakumar) and Virumaayi (Radhika) are extremely fond of each other. However, when she gets married to Sivanaandi (Napoleon) from the neighbouring village, he breaks all ties with his brother-in-law and also forbids his wife from seeing her brother. The film explores various moments of brother-sister sentiments as the film is loaded with it.


Kali (Rajinikanth) and his sister Valli (Shobha) are orphaned at a young age and do odd jobs to make ends meet. They love each other and the egocentric Kali always listens to his sister. We see their bond strengthen when Valli's boss Kumaran (Sarath Babu) mistreats her leading Kali to stand for his sister and clash with him.