Kannada superstar Yash is the man of the hour as his pan-Indian film KGF: Chapter 2 continues to set cash registers ringing in theatres and cinema halls. Directed by Prashanth Neel under the Hombale Films banner, the mass period Kannada action film is the sequel to the 2018 blockbuster KGF: Chapter 1, which garnered a nationwide fan following after its premiere on Amazon Prime Video. Yash, who is currently in Goa with his wife Radhika Pandit and celebrating the success of KGF 2, has talked about the possibility of the third installment in the franchise in an interview with Variety. 

Speaking about KGF: Chapter 2's end credits containing a small hint for the third chapter, Yash said, "Already we have thought of a lot of scenes, me and Prashanth." He added, "There are a lot of things which we couldn’t do in Chapter 2. So we know there are a lot of possibilities, a lot of kick-ass scenes are there. But it’s just an idea. And we’ve just left it there right now." Yash also revealed that KGF was supposed to be a one-off film, with plans changing midway through the shooting when director Prashanth Neel arrived at the decision to split the film into two installments as he viewed a few scenes were being rushed. The actor said, "The best portions were in the second half, which is Chapter 2. So I was worried about Chapter 1 – if that had not worked, we would never make Chapter 2. That was the gamble we had to take."

Yash also shared his feelings about how the Kannada film industry was being viewed as small while expressing his joy at how KGF played an instrumental role in changing things altogether. He said, "Just by doing that one step so much has changed for our industry. People received it in every part of the country and nobody expected this to happen. If you’re confident about your product, I think you should go out and explore." Yash, who played Raja Krishnappa Bairya aka. Rocky in KGF, also spoke about Indian cinema going worldwide and said, "I know they have got a lot of technology and budgets and all of that but sometimes it’s not just about that, it’s about the content and they also want to see different things, they also want to see other cultures, they want to see our heroes."