Ever since its release on 14 April 2022, KGF: Chapter 2 has been soaring high at the box office. It has managed to break multiple records single-handedly all the while creating new records by itself. The film resonated with the audience for its great story and powerful performances. But the closely knitted relationship between Rocky Bhai and his mother, which was carried on from KGF: Chapter 1, worked so well that it grasped the audience's attention. It goes without saying that there is nothing more sentimental than the bond between a mother and her child. Let us look at some films that focused closely on such a relation and tasted success:


The mother-son relationship in this film is quite endearing as in the movie Raghuvaran (Dhanush) is a jobless youngster who only wants to work as a civil engineer and therefore as a reason, his father (Samuthirakani) berates him. The only support for him comes from his mother Bhuvana (Saranya) who believes in him no matter what and gets why he only wants his dream job.


The film revolves around a rich businessman Arul (Vijay Antony) whose mother goes into a coma after she meets with an accident. However, a priest promises him that his mother will recover if he lives a beggar's life for 48 days. The rest of the film portrays the hardships faced by Arul as he hopes for his mother's recovery. 

3) RAAM:

The story revolves around a mother-son relationship that is very well established. Raam (Jiiva) is a mentally unstable teenager who lives with his mother (Saranya) around whom the whole world revolves. When she is murdered, Raam is left lost, clueless, and later arrested as a potential suspect.  


The movie starts with Nandha (Suriya) murdering his father as a boy after witnessing his father's illicit affair with a prostitute and the abuse of Nandha's mother (Rajashree). This goes to show his undying love for his mother right up to the very end when he knowingly eats the food that his mother poisoned only because of the satisfaction that she is feeding it to him. 


After seeing his mother suffer after his father abandons her, Jeeva (Ajith) decides to murder his father Shivashankar (Ajith) because of this. This shows the great lengths that a son would go to for his mother to avenge her death and attain justice for her.


Surya (Rajinikanth) being the big gangster that he is, decides to mend his way of life after coming to know that his long-lost mother (Srividya) doesn't want to see him fight his nemesis, Arjun (Arvind Swamy), who in fact is his brother. Realizing this, Surya softens up and gives up his ways of crime, and settles in with his mother. 

7) NEW:

Pappu/Vichu (S.J. Suryah) comes to realize how harsh and mean he has been towards his mother after he sees his wife Priya (Simran) He, therefore, tries to reconcile and reform things by trying to bond with her in both adult and child form. 


The film revolves around M.Kumaran (Jayam Ravi) who sets out to make his mother's (Nadiya) dying wish for him to reunite with his estranged father (Prakash Raj) come true irrespective of the fact that he hates his father ever since he walked out on his mother. 


The story is about Keerthana who is an adopted daughter in search of her biological parents. She gets a brief moment with her biological mother before she reunites with her adopted parents. This goes on to show that whether it is her stepmother or her own mother, a mother's love for her child is superior, and she will never give up. This film shows the love and care of a mother for her child. 

10) BAAHUBALI 2 (Dubbed in Tamil):

There is a different take on the bond between a mother and a son in this film. Since Baahubali's (Prabhas) parents die when he is still an infant, it is Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) who takes care of him all the way. Though Sivagami is not his biological mother, she takes up the responsibility nevertheless to look after him and serve as a motherly figure in his life which in turn forms a close and dear connection between the two.