Vanitha’s husband Peter Paul’s son from his first wife John Edwards got in touch with us for an exclusive interview about the fight between his mother Elizabeth Helen and Vanitha Vijaykumar. When we asked about how he reacted to the second marriage of his father, he replied - “The day before media started spreading the news about my dad’s wedding with Vanitha, I had been to my father’s office to see him. That’s when he told me that someone has printed a fake wedding invitation and asked me and my mother to not believe it. The next day when the media started carrying news about the wedding, my mother asked me to check with my father, I told her it's fake trusting the words of my father and Vanitha akka. Then my uncle scolded told me that Vanitha has given an official statement about the wedding and how can I claim it to be fake. Then I called my dad to clarify the issue. He said he will come home and clarify the issue. Then he came home spoke to my grandmother who asked for 10 lakhs rupees plus my jewels’ money which my dad kept for a mortgage but my mother did not agree to this deal.  
Regarding using Vanitha’s Netflix and Amazon accounts, “It was my dad who told me that he has a Netflix account and asked me to use it if needed. After that I asked him if I can use his Amazon account but he said no, so I left it. I have not dragged Vanitha’s daughter in this issue to date. All I wanted to be was a good brother two the kids because they don’t have a brother. After that dinner incident, I used to send her (Vanitha’s daughter Jovika) memes which I share to all my friends. I even shared a meme a day before my dad got married to Vanitha. I am sure Vanitha ka will get to know more about my dad very soon. His true colours are still not known to them. Vanitha doesn’t know my dad’s past, that’s why she calls him a teetotaler. I still remember this incident which happened at our Rose Garden apartment which is near Vijayakanth’s house. We are staying in my grandmother’s house only for 5 years and not 7 or 8 years like speculated. If they claim this is not true, I have evidence to prove my side and I am ready to do it. My sister and I have been in touch with my father during these 5 years period, only my mother didn’t have a healthy relationship with him because she was angry with him which in my opinion, she is entitled to be that way for the kind of things my dad did.” Talking about the pros and cons of his father, John Edwards say - “My dad is very affectionate, he is very talented and skilful. To say about his negatives, I would say, addiction to drinks and adultery. Apart from that, he lies a lot. I am still very much angry with my father but my love for him never changes.”