Jaaji Mallige all set to go

Jaaji Mallige, the remake of the Tamil film Devathayai Kanden, is ready to make a mark and will make a grand entrance at the box office on April 3. The film stars the latest sensation Ajay Rao, who shot to fame after the success of Taj Mahal, and Gowri Munjal, who has acted in�Namma Basava,Gopi and Gandana.

Producers Jayanna and Anaji Nagaraj team up for the first time to make Jaaji Mallige. After Nanda and Mast Maja Madi, this is the third film by director Anathraju.

The major attraction will be that the president of the KFCC, Dr. Jayamala makes a comeback through Jaaji Mallige in the role of a brilliant lawyer who takes up the case of an ordinary young man. In the Tamil version, this role was played by Nazar. Bullet Prakash, Nagashekar and Komalkumar are also in the cast to provide humour.