Sivakarthikeyan's Doctor which released in theatres last weekend has turned out to be a sensational hit and the film's performance at the box office is unstoppable. The film which has opened to highly positive reviews from the critics and audience has already become a solid blockbuster and the film is expected to have a good run until Diwali. Having said that, the film's cinematographer, Vijay Kartik Kannan has taken to his official Twitter page to express his gratitude to Sivakarthikeyan and the team of Doctor. Vijay Kartik Kannan was initially approached to work on Sivakarthikeyan's debut production, Kanaa, but due to creative differences, the young cinematographer opted out of the project.

Recalling that incident, Vijay Kartik Kannan thanked Sivakarthikeyan for his magnanimous gesture to call him for one more project, despite him turning down the previous offer. Sharing a picture that he had taken with SK, Vijay wrote, "Despite me saying a valid no in the past, you had the big heart to rope me in again. You had a bigger heart to say it on stage. Thank you for understanding bro. You stepped out of your comfort zone and it has paid off big time. Bigger good things waiting for you. You are the best producer any technician can ask for. Thank you so much for everything bro!".

Similarly, Vijay Kartik Kannan also thanked director Nelson for giving him the space to work on the creative aspects of the film. He tweeted, "Thanks @Nelsondilpkumar for trusting me! His conviction has made this film a huge success. He owns the headspace & blocked frames. Thanks for giving me the space to do what I could. Special thanks to @KiranDrk sir @Pallavi_offl! It was a super fun ride #Doctor".

Vijay Kartik Kannan's visuals are one of the major highlights of Doctor and his frame compositions and usage of colours have garnered good attention among the fans. Find below Vijay Kartik Kannan's latest emotional statement about Sivakarthikeyan and Doctor here: