Earlier this morning (May 17), popular Tamil actor Nitish Veera passed away due to Covid 19 complications. He was 45 years old. Nitish Veera is widely known for playing supporting roles in movies like Pudhupettai and Asuran. His demise came as a shocker for the people of Tamil Nadu and condolence messages have been pouring in on social media. Director Vetri Maaran took to his official Facebook page to share his heartfelt thoughts about Nitish Veera. Talking about Nitish's demise, Vetri Maaran said, "I came to know that Nitish was hospitalized, only yesterday. When I enquired with the Doctors, they informed that there will be an improvement in the next two days.

Unfortunately, he passed away this morning around 6 AM. I know him since the Pudhupettai times, when I was working as an Assistant Director. Knowing that I am going to be working with Dhanush very soon, he would come and talk to me. We both shared a very good friendship. As an actor, he had several ups and downs. Though I knew him from Pudhupettai times, we got to work for the first time only in Asuran. After Asuran, Nitish told me that he was getting several opportunities and he felt happy about it. He has unfortunately left us now. His death is a big loss for his family members and friends like me. Last year, it felt like Corona was something that was happening far away and many people had their own theories about it.

But, this year, the virus is very close to us. The virus is affecting our close and loved ones and it is very important for us to stay extremely safe and careful. Let us all wear masks in all the times when we are out. Wherever we go, let us wear our masks. If you test positive, isolate yourself. When you feel your oxygen levels are dropping, immediately consult a doctor near you. Do not wait until the level drops below 90. Early consultation will help us save lives. Also, if you say that you are a healthy person and you have a good immunity, please understand that it is only your case and not the ones around you. Not everyone in your family could be as strong as you are. So, stay home and stay safe,".

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