The smash hit reality TV show Bigg Boss has spawned versions in Kannada, Malayalam Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Bangla since its inception over a decade ago. As the Hindi version of Bigg Boss is currently its fourteenth season, the Tamil and Telugu versions are both now airing and streaming their fourth seasons. In that light, Colors TV's Bigg Boss 14 is being hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan for the eleventh time, with the contestants on the show in the latest edition as well becoming household names across the country. Having said that, former Bigg Boss contestant Diandra Soares has now criticized some of the recent developments in the ongoing edition in a series of tweets on her Twitter page. 

Diandra Soares tweeted out stating Bigg Boss 14 has been getting low TRP ratings as a result of bad contestants, while adding that it has turned out to be a failure due to rubbish concepts, unfair evictions and blatant favouritism. She wrote, "The season isn't low trp bcoz of bad contestants, it's a failure bcoz of the makers rubbish concepts, unfair evictions & blatant favouritism. And below the belt & unfair tasks added to it now. Nothing real anymore. Audience has understood now, hence boycotting it!!! #beinghonest"

Having appeared as a contestant on Bigg Boss 8 in 2014 before getting evicted on Day 84, Diandra was one of the favorites to win the title that year and went on to appear on the show once again as a guest in 2016 in Bigg Boss 10. When a fan tweeted about ending Bigg Boss 14 this week, Diandra responded saying, "Omg I skipped all these past years Too. And am cursing myself for watching this year. Self quarantine boredom I think. Ugh. Might honestly stop tho. Its annoying me the blatant favouritism& overall manipulation, and making fools out of contestants n audience too." 

A model, fashion designer and television host, Diandra Soares, who has also contested in the fourth season of the stunt reality television show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi, had previously disapproved of Bigg Boss for making contestants reveal their personal secrets during a task. She called it to be "terribly awful, absolutely heartbreaking, and despicable"