Rapid new innovations are being made with the passage of each day during the coronavirus pandemic among which includes robots developed by governments, companies and in some cases by individuals on their own. Likewise, a company based out of Jaipur in Rajasthan has developed robots with the purpose of conducting a thermal screening on the people in order to aid and assist health workers and medical officials in the battle against the COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, it is said that these robots can also perform the function of identifying whether a person is wearing a mask or not. Said to be 95 percent Indian, the robot is based on spine technology and is incidentally also the first in the world as such.

Bhuvanesh Mishra, Managing Director of Club First, Rajasthan while speaking to ANI said, "Our product is 95 per cent made in India. It is the world’s first robot that is based on spine technology which helps the robot balance anything it handles. The robot doesn’t follow any line or magnetic path, it self-navigates,". He also stated, "The robot can do thermal screening, it can also identify if a person is wearing a mask or not,".