As a shocking incident, a 19-year-old college girl from Pollachi was sexually harassed by her friends N Sabarirajan, Thirunavukkar, T Vasanthakumar, and N Sathish in a car on February 12 this year. According to reports, the girl’s friend Sabarirajan harassed her and the others took a video of the same and then used the video to blackmail her for money and sexual favors. The incident came to light when the girl informed her parents about the harassment and a police complaint was lodged. Based on her complaint, the Pollachi police arrested Sabarirajan, Sathish, and Vasanthakumar in Pollachi on February 24 and were lodged at the Coimbatore central prison.

After the initial investigation and the evidence retrieved from the accused, police suspect that the gang had blackmailed many other girls using social media to befriend in a similar manner and the number might go up to 200. The horrific incident has struck everyone by surprise. Celebrities from the K-town have been voicing about the incident and here are some of the statement from celebrities.