Vanitha Vijayakumar and controversies go hand in hand and there seems to be no end for that. As we all know, the entire social media is talking about Vanitha’s marriage with Peter Paul which has turned out to be controversial. After the wedding, Peter’s first wife, Elizabeth Helen came into the picture and demanded justice for her since she is yet to be legally divorced from him. People like Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Kasthuri Shankar, YouTuber Suriya Devi, producer Ravindar Chandrasekaran and others came in support of Elizabeth voicing out against Vanitha and Peter Paul.

Being a commoner, Elizabeth earned the support of a lot of people in Tamil Nadu. We even saw Vanitha losing her cool and lashing out against Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and Kasthuri. With so much going around, in one of the recent live interactions, Vanitha Vijayakumar said something which has now sparked an outrage among a lot of people. Vanitha Vijayakumar said that she was from Thanjavur and it was very common for men there to have more than one wife. Citing the example of her father Vijayakumar, Vanitha said that a lot of men in Thanjavur will have two or three wives and it was a normal practice there.

While this statement made a few people laugh, a larger section of the people have been offended by what she’s said and she is now put in a situation to face legal issues. Politicians from BJP and Congress have filed a complaint against Vanitha Vijayakumar for her controversial remarks against the people of Thanjavur. The complaint was filed earlier this morning (July 23) at Pattukottai Police Station. The said people from Thanjavur have reportedly been offended and hurt by her words and they have demanded an apology for her statement.

The politicians have also stated that they would go on a strike against Vanitha, if the Police officials don't take necessary action against her. This issue has now added up to the controversies that Vanitha is already facing and we will have to see how she responds to this issue. More developments regarding this issue is awaited. Stay tuned for more updates.