The fourth season of the smash hit reality TV show, Bigg Boss, in Telugu premiered recently on the Star Maa channel and Disney+ Hotstar on September 6, with superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna returning to host for the second consecutive time. With three weeks already over, there has been a strong response from fans over the happenings inside the Bigg Boss 4 house, as two contestants namely Surya Kiran and Karate Kalyani were evicted. While Surya Kiran was shown the door on the seventh day, Karate Kalyani was evicted during the second week. 

Post her exit from the Bigg Boss 4 house, Karate Kalyani has been giving post-eviction interviews and went on to say that she hoped to continue her stay there for at least five weeks. She said a prolonged duration of stay in the house would do wonders and help her financially to a considerable extent as she has many responsibilities and debts to clear amidst the lockdown. She added saying that she wanted to remind audiences of the late actress Suryakantham by showcasing her talents during her stay on the show. 

In regard to self-nominating herself during the boat task, Kalyani admitted that it was more of an emotional decision, which she regrets doing. Had she not nominated herself in the task, her chances of survival on the show could have extended by a week or two, she added. Stating that she had given up martial arts 20 years back, Kalyani feels she would have had good prospects on the show had she performed better in physical tasks and a mind game. During her stay, she earned the nickname of 'tape recorder' from the contestants as she used to keep singing songs. 

Karate Kalyani then went on to claim that the voting system on Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 had some flaw in it, while adding that it was rigged. She stated that a number of people had informed her that they were not able to cast their votes for her during the voting process as they were getting added to another contestant's votes. Kalyani further said that she felt bad when host Nagarjuna interrupted and did not allow her to speak during the post-eviction interaction. However, she has stated that she is willing to return and make a comeback into the show as a wild card entry.