'Bigg Boss Tamil season 7': Singer Suchitra advises Pradeep Antony after his red card eviction, praises Vichithra and Archana for supporting him (EXCLUSIVE)

'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7': Singer Suchitra Advises Pradeep Antony After His Red Card Eviction, Praises Vichithra And Archana For Supporting Him (EXCLUSIVE) - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 hosted by 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan is the talk of the town and the hit reality TV show has featured several big moments that are still spurring a conversation on social media. With the ongoing edition for the first time featuring a new task called the 'Bigg Boss vs Small Boss' and the wildcard contestant Anna Bharathi getting eliminated from the house recently, there is still a lot of chatter surrounding Pradeep Antony's red card eviction last week. As Pradeep's eviction continues to be a big topic of discussion among Bigg Boss fans, singer Suchitra, who previously appeared on Bigg Boss Tamil season 4, sat down for an exclusive interview with Galatta to weigh in on the ongoing controversy along with her advice for the actor, while also praising Vichithra and VJ Archana for standing their ground and supporting him. 

Speaking about Pradeep's Bigg Boss Tamil 7 eviction, Suchitra shared her advice saying, "Brother, you're super. And, if you're called once again to participate in the show as a wildcard contestant, please do not go. Do crowdfunding and take a trip to Switzerland and spend your time there. I suggest that you go to Sabarimala once because there is a God. Whatever happened during your childhood, no psychiatrist has an answer. You're a superior intelligent person. There may be a small crack because of the childhood trauma. God will heal you. Please believe in God." 

Suchitra also praised Bigg Boss 7 contestants Vichithra and Archana, who spoke out in support of Pradeep after his red card eviction. She said, "You know how brave Vichithra is to not take the side of the girls? Because automatically anyone would have done that thinking that's the appropriate thing to do. You can truly build temples for Vichithra and Archana. And, when you come to know that there are hundreds and thousands of people like them, there's hope that there's so much goodness in the world. Those two are the ones that are saying, 'Yeah, for me content-wise, it might be appropriate to support her', but they need this show to have a life. "

Watch Suchitra talk about the events in Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 in the video below: