'Bigg Boss Tamil season 7': Suchitra blasts Jovika and Maya, addresses the "women didn't feel safe" claims (EXCLUSIVE)

'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7': Suchitra Blasts Jovika And Maya, Addresses The
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Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 has been the talk of the town, especially after the recent red card eviction of Pradeep Antony, as fans still continue to debate the claims of his being let off from the hit reality show over "women didn't feel safe" claims. With Vichithra, VJ Archana, and Dinesh continuing to extend their support for Pradeep, singer Suchitra, who was a participant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 4, has now lashed out at the actions of Jovika and Maya S. Krishnan for their claims on the show. In regard to what's happening in the Bigg Boss 7 house, Suchitra stated, "The predatorial attacks taking place are completely done by Jovika and Maya. They have very, very bullying predatorial behavior. They seem like very vengeful ladies. I'll say that Poornima is stuck between both of them. If you take her to the side and advise her, she'll become alright. She just needs to step out of there. But, Jovika and Maya, they're like downhill from here. They're just getting worse. They're resetting, regaining their energy, and starting again. They're like a pack of jackals." 

Addressing the controversy surrounding women's safety in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 house, Suchitra said, "Not all of them have made that claim. They have begun to change their stories now. One person said that she felt an issue about her safety in a specific manner, while the other individual explained it in another way. It's just a boomerang effect of a lie in quantum physics. It goes and gets wider, and comes back to the same person." She added, "No woman said that women didn't feel safe. Individually, each woman threw him (Pradeep Antony) out with a different lie. That label won't stick."

Suchitra further stated, "Neither speaking lies nor bullying is okay under any guise. The bullying now is going into mean, vicious areas. It's not good-natured bullying. There's zero sense of humor in that gang, which is in poor taste. When someone is crying, they laugh. If someone is hurt, they'll laugh. I'd say they're like bottles of napalm, which was used during the Vietnam War for mass killings. They just poured it on the streets from the skies and it fell down like Vaseline and melted human beings. These girls are like a napalm gang. They're that toxic. If you go near them, you'll become ill." 

Watch Suchitra address Jovika and Maya's actions in Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 below: