Bigg Boss Tamil season 7: Pradeep Antony shares his reaction to his eviction on social media, posts a hilarious Vadivelu comedy clip - here's what he said

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7: Pradeep Antony Shares His Reaction To His Eviction On Social Media, Posts A Hilarious Vadivelu Comedy Clip - Here's What He Said - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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Tamil actor Pradeep Antony, best known for playing the lead role in Vaazhl (2021), was one of the favorites to win the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 title, with his unexpected eviction last week leaving fans divided, who still continue to debate the outcome. Many complimented him for his unique gameplay during his stint on the hit reality TV show, which has since garnered him a huge fan following. After being eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 citing that it was unsafe for women to be around him, Pradeep on Monday morning, November 5, posted a hilarious comedy video in response to the reaction on social media to his eviction. 

Sharing a comedy clip of Vadivelu from the Tamil film Vathiyar (2006), Pradeep, who also made appearances in films Aruvi (2016) and Dada (2023), wrote in his caption on Instagram, "How I feel seeing the social media response for my game🤣 Kooda ninnathuku nandri 🙏 (Thank you for standing by my side) Ennala mudinja alavuku nalla artist ah aga try pandren 🙏(I'll try my best to become a good artiste)", along with hashtags #Nallalrunga, #AduthaVelaiyaPapoam, and #PradeepAntony. The comedy clip features Vadivelu being cheered by two of his assistants, with the 'Varuthu varuthu vilagu vilagu vengai veliye varuthu' song (make way for the cheetah is coming) playing in the background. Yesterday, Pradeep posted a picture of all the little trophies that he received during his time on Bigg Boss Tamil 7, with many fans extending their wishes and support. 

Meanwhile, a new Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 promo out today shed light on Pradeep Antony's eviction, with a few housemates seen criticizing Maya and Poornima's gang for conspiring to get him eliminated. The promo has Vichithra stating that the focus has been shifted from 'Cool' Suresh's issue after which Bigg Boss steps in to inform all the housemates that the red card eviction was a group activity. The Bigg Boss 7 promo then highlights Maya and Poornima confronting Vichithra before VJ Archana jumps in to criticize them stating that they both misused the women's card adding that they have "ruined someone's life"