'Bigg Boss Tamil season 7': Pradeep Antony's first big statement about his re-entry; "I want two red cards to send off 2 contestants who..."

'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7': Pradeep Antony's First Big Statement About His Re-entry;
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The buzz surrounding Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 has been massive over the past few days and it looks like the drama is set to get bigger as Pradeep Antony, who was let off by a red card eviction, has now issued his first statement about making a re-entry on the hit reality TV show airing on Vijay Television. Known also among Tamil audiences for playing the lead role in Vaazhl (2021), the popular actor surprised his social media followers on Friday, November 10, by talking about returning to Bigg Boss 7, while also letting the team of the show know that he will deliver them a great show provided he's given an opportunity for a good game. 

Sharing the 'Patta Patti' video song from Dhanush's Vada Chennai, Pradeep took to X writing, "Romba sarpana pullingala ala dhan adhu mudiyum 🔥" (Only the people who are sharp can do that) in reference to the game and addressed the Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 team saying, "if you are considering sending me in, I want two red cards to send off 2 contestants who conspired against me and I want to be the Captain - 7th week of BB7 ⭐ #PaathuSeinga #GamerLife" (sic).

Likewise, sharing the 'Kaara Attakkaaraa' video song from Mani Ratnam's O Kadhal Kanmani in another post, Pradeep continued his statement saying, "If you give me a good game, I'll give you a great show 🎈" and added, "I promise, I'll also behave. Oru intermission mudichuttu vara padothoda revenge mode second half madhiri aduren #PaathuSeinga" (I'll play in revenge mode similar to the second half of a movie after an intermission). 

These recent statements from Pradeep Antony have set off a huge buzz on social media about his re-entry on Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 after he was ejected via red card after a few housemates cited "women's safety issues" around him. His latest post about wanting to send off two contestants who conspired against him has also sparked excitement among fans about his comeback on the show. Whether Pradeep will be returning to Bigg Boss 7 remains to be seen as his eviction has been a subject of debate over the past few days and fans expect more drama to unfold in the days ahead.