The first two promos that released today focussed on Anitha Sampath’s cold war with Suresh Chakravarthy. The duo seem to have not been on good terms for the past 24 hours and we are not sure when their rift is going to end. What started out as a fun-filled and lighthearted conversation, turned out to be controversial when Suresh’s unintentional comment had hurt Anitha. And now, the third promo has been released and this one is also a continuation of the fight between Anitha and Suresh. In this promo, we see Suresh Chakravarthy gaining a slight amount of support from the housemates inside. Rekha says that she needs Suresh in her team and Sanam Shetty says she wouldn’t be a part of a team if Suresh isn’t there.

On the other side, Anitha Sampath is full of tears and she feels emotionally disturbed. It looks like the problem between the two is slowly getting bigger. We may even expect a ‘kurumpadam’ on the weekend and that could probably clear the air for everyone. Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4 began last week in a grand manner and 16 contestants have been sent inside the house. The first 16 housemates of this season include Rio Raj, Sanam Shetty, Ramya Pandian, Shivani Narayanan, Aari, Jithan Ramesh, Rekha, singer Vel Murugan, Aajeedh, Gabriella Charlton, Aranthangi Nisha, Samyuktha Shanmuganathan, Anitha Sampath, Som Shekhar, Balaji Murugadoss and Suresh Chakravarthy.

Check out the newly released third promo of tonight’s episode here: