Inter-caste weddings are becoming more commonplace nowadays and are even actively encouraged by many. However, one inter-caste marriage by an AIADMK MLA created quite a lot of chaos! The Kallakurichi AIADMK MLA A Prabhu got married to S Soundharya, at his house yesterday! However, the marriage doesn't seemed to have happened with the consent of the parents of both bride and groom as the bride's father S Swaminathan attempted to commit suicide outside the MLA's house! Some reports also state that he alleged that his daughter had been kidnapped and forced into the marriage. Soundharya is 19 years old and is studying her second year degree in an Arts College. MLA Prabhu is 36-years-old and belongs to a different caste from Soundharya.

After Swaminathan poured Petrol over himself and was about to self-immolate, the people around and Police intervened. Swaminathan, who works as a temple priest, accused the MLA of abducting his daughter and marrying her against her wish. He also threatened legal action against the MLA for having been in a relationship with his daughter for over 3 years when she was a minor and for breaching the trust his family had on him! Swaminathan's suicide attempt was thwarted and he was taken to the Thiyagathurugam Police Station. Following a complaint by the Thiyagathurugam Village Administrative Officer (VAO), a complaint was registered against Swaminathan under Section 309 of the IPC, for attempting to commit suicide! 

Some media reports state Swaminathan as telling that despite his family being Brahmins, they had considered Prabhu as their own child and he had grown up there for over 14 years. He seems to have been heartbroken by the breaking of the trust. Swaminathan also added that she had been lured into this relationship over three years ago and that she was too young and not mentally prepared for marriage. He also alleged that the MLA's followers had threatened him and his family and sought protection from them while demanding that his daughter be sent back to his house! Responding to all these, the MLA stated that his wife was a major and is of legal age to enter matrimony. He also added that they would face any issues legally.