Model and actress Abhirami Venkatachalam shot to instant fame after participating in Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 last year, which was hosted by Kamal Haasan. Post her appearance on the show, she landed an important role in 'Thala' Ajith's box office blockbuster, Nerkonda Paarvai, which was an official remake of the Amitabh Bachchan-Taapsee Pannu starrer, Pink. Abhirami was lauded by critics, who hailed her for giving a power-packed intense performance, while also complimenting her dialogue delivery and nuances in her actions. 

Abhirami recently took to her Instagram page to appear in a video in which she lashes out against staff and officials at Madras University over the treatment meted out to students who were sitting for their exams. In the video, Abhirami states, "This is a kind request to my lovable Instagram family who had written their exams at Madras University in the past two days. Is there anybody who could help me regarding the exams that were held? I'm doing my M.A. (Dance) final year. I wrote my exams a couple of days back and I need to share something. Ever since I went to sign my attendance, they have never treated us good, whenever you call them, they do not answer properly. I never got any mail from the music department because I'm doing my M.A. Dance. That HOD has the audacity to say that I need to know my classmate to actually appear for the exams."

She continued, "I need to ask, is there any necessity to know my other classmates for me to sit and write my exams? When you're writing your exams, you need to know your subject and are required to have the attendance. I also paid my fees before the due date as well. The staff said that the exams start by 10AM and we waited from 09:30AM, with the paper coming to me at 2PM. I didn't get mail from Madras University, but my junior at Kalakshetra took a screenshot of the paper and sent it to me. Despite the time constraint, I sat through my exams, and I sent it via mail in a proper PDF file. Now, they're telling me the mail id I sent is wrong and that I should send it to a new mail id they shared and also that they deleted my paper in a very casual manner." 

Abhirami also states, "I called my HOD to ask her about what happened and during the conversation she cut the call suddenly. When I called again, she's not responding and disconnected the call. I'm coming Live on Instagram because I have no other options. So, I finally sent her a voice note and she replied back saying it's not audible. Anyone with ears can listen to that voice note I sent. You guys want us to vote, you want us to be responsible, but why can't you take up the responsibility? I really don't understand. Please don't play with students' lives."

She further said, "I came on Live to raise this issue and whoever can help, please come forward. And, all the other students, if you've encountered the same issue, please don't lose your hope. We are not zeroes. Let them play as much as they want to, let us sign a letter together and stand in front of Madras University and fight for this. If these are the troubles we are facing for the exams we've written, I don't know what to do next. Keep calling the university, keep asking them and if they don't answer, take up action because it's your rights and your education." Watch Abhirami speak about the conflict in full in the video below:


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