Popular South Indian heroine Shalini Pandey, best known among fans for starring in the 2017 blockbuster Arjun Reddy opposite Vijay Deverakonda, has garnered a huge following over the years among Tamil cinema fans as well after her appearances in films like Keerthy Suresh's Mahanati, G. V. Prakash Kumar's 100% Kadhal, Gorilla with Jiiva, and the Madhavan-Anushka-starrer Silence. Currently attached to the upcoming Bollywood social comedy film, Jayeshbhai Jordaar, opposite Ranveer Singh, and Aamir Khan‘s son Junaid Khan's debut venture, Maharaja, Shalini Pandey suffered a huge personal loss recently with the actress taking to social media to post an emotional note on the passing away of her close friend Jay Dhawan, an associate of Nao Spirits and a gin connoisseur. 

Sharing a montage video of their good times together on Instagram, Shalini Pandey penned a detailed emotional note in memory of her friend Jay and wrote, "(1995-2021)💔 Hey my sunshine boy, When I met you for the first time 4 years back I thought to myself “ummm a bit arrogant” and vice versa. Little did we know that we’ll be each other's favorite.I still remember our first conversation was “Let's open a café together” when we barely knew each other! Our breakfast sessions started and you being just like me, it was a never ending thing!Everyone who’s met you, remembers you as a ‘full of life guy’. You pampered me way beyond what I could imagine. You were considerate about anyone and everyone who was close to you or your friends. I have learnt so much from you. I was never big on birthdays but you made all the efforts and I did become a ‘birthday person’. My birthdays were more special to you than me.I’ll miss you sending me random memes, I’ll miss having our intense coffee discussions, talking about birthdays and planning, going on random trips, you sending me texts or voice notes to motivate me whenever I felt dull or had self-doubts, our breakfast sessions, randomly receiving gifts and flowers, us trying to have an adult conversation, sharing overwhelming compliments, our food exploration. I’m still processing that you are physically gone, that there’ll be no messages like “Pandeyji, What plans for your birthday this year?”, that my go-to person is gone forever and I won’t be able to see that perfectly beautiful smile anymore. You’ve left us all in deep shock and anger but as I’m able to pen this down after 6 days of you leaving us the anger seems to have subsided, it's just sadness now. We all are trying to process and cope with your loss in our own ways, and I know you’d want none of us to be sad or crying and I promise you I’m on it!
So if you’re reading this I’m no more angry at you. I just miss you beyond words. I know that you’re resting in peace. Shine on my boy wherever you are! You’ll always be in my heart and soul and your thoughts will always cheer me up and I’m just so proud of you and always will be!
So let's celebrate you with OUR SONG:)
Love you to the oscars and back
See you on the other side my friend."

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