Action King Arjun Sarja’s daughter Aishwarya Arjun has now been tested positive for COVID-19. She confirmed the news on her official Instagram page - “Good morning everyone, I have recently been tested positive for COVID-19. I am quarantined at home while taking all the necessary precautions guided by a professional medical team. To anyone who has been in contact with me in the past few days, please take care. stay safe everyone, and please wear a mask! I will update you soon with greater health god bless. with love, Aishwarya Arjun.” This news comes days after Aishwarya Arjun’s cousin Dhruv Sarja was tested positive for Corona. 5 days back Dhruv Sarja and his wife were admitted in the hospital for COVID-19 treatment. Dhruv in his statement said “My wife and I have both been tested positive for COVID-19 with mild symptoms and hence chosen to get ourselves hospitalised. I’m sure we’ll be back all fine! All those who were in close proximity with us please get yourselves tested and remain safe.” 
Aishwarya Arjun made her film debut in the Tamil film Pattathu Yaanai in 2013. She took a break from acting before acting in her second film Sollividavaa (2018) opposite Chandan Kumar. Sollividavaa was directed by her father Arjun Sarja. This was also simultaneously made in Kannada titled Prema Baraha that marked Aishwarya Arjun’s Kannada debut. In one of the songs in Prema Baraha, Arjun Sarja, Chiranjeevi Sarja and Dhruv Sarja made a special appearance along with Aishwarya. That dance number became a viral hit in Kannada. In the film, Aishwarya played Madhu to Chandan Kumar’s Sanjay - two journalists from rival news organizations who don't have a good equation. However, when the two of them are forced to work together covering the Kargil War, a bond gets forged between them. Aishwarya has also appeared in a television commercial for Bingo Yummitos the success of which prompted a second commercial with the same team. Aishwarya is also trained in different forms of dances like Kathak, Jazz, Contemporary, Freestyle and Bollywood. She has trained for five to six years in Jazz and completed three to four exams. We wish Aishwarya a safe and speedy recovery.