With the release of Suriya starrer Etharkum Thuninthavan taking the industry and the box-office by storm, Suriya has been garnering so much positive feedback for his performance in the film as Kannabiran. A lot of iconic characters and performances in his belt, Suriya has proved to be a household name in Tamil cinema and has won the hearts of many moviegoers all over the world. This caliber of his is very much deserved given his track record. Let us look at this aforementioned track record of films to remind ourselves why Suriya is the 'Nadippin Nayagan', as he is fondly addressed as (in no particular order of importance):


He shines in the role as a young rustic man, reaching a new milestone in acting with a powerful performance. Nandha is the first breakthrough film for Suriya, the actor.


He brings his best to this film and nobody could pull off this role better than Suriya with his awesome charisma.


His acting & narration was so captivating that it engrosses you into the movie. He also played the iconic character of Anbuchelvan with conviction that it stays fresh in our minds even now.


His appearance in the film worked out wonderfully. His active presence makes a big impact on the film by giving it a splash of entertainment and energy as he brings a comedic relief to both the character and the movie.


He plays the role of youth leader with a lot of flair and confidence, therefore, delivering an unforgettable performance.


He delivered a natural performance throughout the film. The film's success established Suriya as an action hero and also earned Suriya a massive fan following in Andhra Pradesh.


He gave a superb performance in this one and absolutely rocked it as Krishnan and Surya. His portrayal of the father as well as his son in different stages of life was a justified triumph.

8) AYAN:

He steals the show all the way with this gripping portrayal of the character and his ability to carry the movie forward with such ease. Ayan was one of the biggest ever blockbusters in Suriya's career.


Suriya worked diligently towards balancing the niche and the mass in the film going to prove once again that he can deliver a commercial masala flick with as finesse as he can deliver a performance-oriented film.

10) 24:

Suriya pulls it off admirably with his portrayal in triple roles. He gave an outstanding and wonderful performance and was easily one of his career-best roles.


After a few misses, Suriya's return to form was quite a gutsy move for a mainstream hero which happened to pay off as he gave a wonderful act in the film. His delightfully energetic performance as Maara was enjoyed by one and all.


His performance received critical acclaim. He looked natural and very comfortable in the role of a firebrand advocate. It is as if really believes in every word and gesture he delivers in this film adding an additional depth to his character.