Popular Tamil newsreader and actress Anitha Sampath is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4. She is currently inside the house and playing her game. However, the days have not been that great for the young talent, especially because of her emotional character. This season’s first argument started between Anitha Sampath and Suresh Chakravarthy when the former got hurt by the latter’s words. Though it was resolved, Anitha was on and off getting upset for various issues. From the first 25 days inside the house, Anitha Sampath has left an impression that she is an emotionally fragile person who is very sensitive.

She found it difficult to play the game recently, but the other housemates came in support of her and asked her to calm down. Recently, some of Suresh Chakravarthy's actions hurt Anitha badly and we saw her breaking down emotionally. Anitha locked herself inside the restroom and cried her heart out and it created a huge buzz on social media. Later, she went inside the confession room where she opened up about her problems to Bigg Boss. She was comforted by Bigg Boss who told her to play her game fairly and leave the rest to the people without worrying about anything.

Ever since Anitha entered the Bigg Boss house, she has always talked about her husband and expressed her love for him in various junctures. Talking to Bigg Boss in the confession room, Anitha told that she misses her husband and felt bad that she did not listen to him when he advised her that Bigg Boss isn't her cup of tea. Having said that, Anitha's husband, Prabha Garan has now reacted to the current scenario on his official Instagram page. Sharing the screenshot of Anitha crying inside the confession room, Prabha wrote, "Everything will be ok... don't worry chellama". Anitha must have definitely felt better after Bigg Boss brought Prabha's name during the interaction.

Anitha is currently one of the contestants who have been nominated for eviction and she is in the danger zone. 11 contestants have been nominated for eviction this weekend and it includes Rio Raj, Suresh Chakravarthy, Balaji Murugadoss, Som Shekhar, Ramya Pandian, Sanam Shetty, Aranthangi Nisha, Aajeedh, Vel Murugan, Anitha, and Jithan Ramesh. We will have to wait until the weekend to know if Anitha will be evicted or saved. For now, check out the screenshot of Anitha's husband's Instagram post below: