Actress Sindhu is known for acting in Vasanta Balan’s critically acclaimed drama, Angadi Theru that featured Mahesh and Anjali in the lead roles. Sindhu’s performance in the film received a good reception from the people and following that, she was addressed as ‘Angadi Theru’ Sindhu. She has acted in a few other notable films and serials in supporting roles. However, the actress is going through a tough phase on her personal front and has requested for help from the people. Sindhu has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing treatment for the same. It is said that the cancer has spread to the spinal cord and has become more intense.

Popular comedy actor Black Pandi shared this news with his followers and well wishers and requested for help. He visited Sindhu at her house to enquire about her health. He posted a video and shared details about the incident. He said, “I am placing an important request to you all. We all would be knowing Angadi Theru Sindhu who is now affected by breast cancer. I just got to know about it and immediately rushed to see her at her house. She is bed ridden. Treatment is going on and the Doctors have said that the cancer can be cured. The impact of breast cancer has spread to the spinal cord. She has helped a lot of people even during the initial days of corona and lockdown. This is now our time to help her and extend support. Don’t take this in the wrong manner.

Talking in the video, an emotional Sindhu said, “I am Angadi Theru Sindhu. I have done a lot of films and you would’ve seen me. I was doing good until the last few months. I was providing rice, dal and essential needs to the people during this lockdown. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and it has become serious now as the cancer has spread to my spinal cord. The operation for breast cancer is over, but now the process to completely recover demands more money. Even a small injection costs between Rs 2500 to Rs 9500. 4 chemo sessions have been completed, but there are more sessions for which we need some help. When I was normal and helping people around earlier this year, there were a lot of them besides me, but when I got bedridden, no one even cared about me. Please extend your support and help me as a fellow artist. I requested Black Pandi to help and he has supported me. For the previous operation, actor Sai Dheena helped me. Actors like Karthi, Robo Shankar, Sonia Bose Venkat, Daniel and producer Isari Ganesh sir helped me so far.”.

Details regarding the bank details is shared in the video posted by Black Pandi. We wish Sindhu a speedy recovery.

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Black Pandi Video about Angadi Theru Sindhu's health