There have been disputed between India and China for long, over the Indo-China border. The issue escalated into major tensions after scuffles broke out between the armed forces of the two nations, in the Pangong Lake area in the Ladakh region, along the border, in March of this year! From the time the clashes at the Galwan Valley region resulted in casualties on both sides, the tensions only continued to rise, despite talks between the two Asian powerhouses happening on various levels. The foreign ministers of India and China met in Moscow and arrived at a 10-point plan for de-escalation but that did not turn fruitful as there were no actual changes in the border region. There was also heavy amassing of armaments and troops on both sides of the border and fears were rife of this escalating into a full-blown war between the two nuclear powers!

The 6-month long standoff seems to finally be coming to an end after talks between the two sides have turned fruitful. Reports state that the Indian Army and the People's Liberation Army of China have arrived at a 3-step disengagement plan for the Pangong Lake area. This decision was arrived at, in the 8th round of the Corps-Commander talks, which happened recently at Chushul! As per these talks, the armed forces of both nations would be pulling back their troops and armaments to positions they had occupied before the April-May timeframe of this year! The armaments being pulled back, include tanks and armoured personnel carriers within a single day, in the first phase. The total disengagement is set to happen in 3 phases within a week from these discussions.

The latest talks happened between the External Affairs Ministry's Joint Secretary - Naveen Shrivastava and Brigadier Ghai from the Directorate General of Military Operations. As per these talks, the second step of disengagement would happen along the Northern bank of the Pangong Lake and both sides are expected to withdraw about 30% of their troops everyday for three days. The Indian side would move back to their administrative post at Dhan Singh Thapa while the Chinese have agreed to pull back to their original earlier position, towards the East of Finger 8! The third and final step will see the two sides pull back from their respective positions along the frontlines along the Southern bank of the Pangong Lake, including the heights and territories in the Chushul and Rezang La areas. Let's hope all the border issues get cleared soon!