The recently concluded Presidential elections of the United States of America, is the talk of the entire world. There have been many topics of contention especially who has won the elections, despite the majority of the world and Americans accepting the Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the winner and the 46th President of the USA! Former President Donald Trump has refused to accept the election results and has alleged electoral fraud. He has also mentioned that his campaign would be challenging the results in the Court. Amidst all this drama, Biden has already addressed the people, in what is considered as his acceptance speech and many world leaders have already been congratulating Biden for being elected as the next US President. However, there are some people apart from Trump, who are yet to accept Biden's victory! 

Despite the leaders of various countries accepting Biden's victory and congratulating him, Russia had not yet accepted his victory and now, China too has followed in Russia's footsteps and stated that it would not yet accept Biden as the next President of the USA. A statement from China stated that it had "noticed that Mr. Biden declared he is the winner of the election." The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told the media that, "Our understanding is that the outcome of the election will be determined in accordance with US laws and procedures." Not acknowledging Biden's victory despite repeated questions, Wenbin added, "We hope the new US government can meet China halfway!"

China has reiterated that it will follow international customary practices in accepting who the new President is. Trump has been maintaining his stance and has still not conceded defeat, despite reports stating that his own son-in-law and senior advisor approaching him to do so. The former President has been posting a number of tweets, alleging that the media has been falsely claiming Biden's victory and that it is not true. The relations between the USA and China deteriorated badly during Trump's tenure as the President with various issues turning into major points of contention. Donald Trump had also blamed China for the COVID-19 Pandemic and has been calling the Corona Virus - China Virus. There has been major tensions between the two countries, over political issues in Hong Kong. It doesn't look like the relations would improve any time soon, even if Biden assumes the Presidency, next!