There has been quite some bad blood literally, between the Islamic State (IS) and Afghanistan, in recent times. The ISIS has orchestrated quite a few attacks against the country, on their home soil! Earlier this year, there was an attack on a Kabul jail, which involved a suicide bombing by a truck, after which IS members took down the prison authorities and released quite a few prisoners. Now, we have come to know of another suicide bombing in the Afghanistan captital city of Kabul. This bombing, which killed 18 people, has now been claimed as their responsibility by the Islamic State. The bombing happened near an education centre and IS has claimed responsibility for this through their social media handles. Their message read, "A suicide bomber set off towards a gathering in Kabul, where he detonated his explosives jacket among the crowd!"

Though the Afghan government and the Taliban have been holding peace talks in Qatar to end the ongoing war between the two in the country, the attacks on the ground have only intensified in recent times. This recent suicide attack also injured 57 people, apart from claiming the lives of 18. The attack is said to have happened in the late afternoon near an education centre, which provides training and courses for students in higher education. This place is located in a Western district of Kabul. A statement by the government reveals that the suicide bomber actually wanted to enter the education centre but when the guards identified his intentions, he detonated the explosives in the alley itself. A local resident who was in the vicinity of the blast and whose relative was wounded in the blast says, "I was standing about 100 meters from the centre when a big blast knocked me down." 

Initially, when no group claimed responsibility for the attack, it was thought to be the handiwork of Sunni extremists, as the residents of several districts in Western Kabul belong to the minority Shiite Hazara community. There have been several such attacks by Sunni extremists in the past, targetting education centres and health facilities. This suicide attack came just hours after a roadside bomb detonated near a bus and killed 9 civilians, in the East of Kabul. This attack was also carried out by the Taliban. Recently, many world organizations have been voicing out to help save the people of Afghanistan, as the rift between the Afghanistan Government and the Taliban has been resulting in extreme violence and heavy loss of life of poor, innocent civilians. The withdrawal of the American troops from Afghan soil has given the Taliban the freedom to mount these attacks to obtain leverage during their negotiations with the government.