Popular model, fitness expert and entrepreneur Samyuktha Shanmuganathan (a) Samyuktha Karthik is currently inside the Bigg Boss house and is one among the 16 housemates of this season. Samyuktha is one of the few contestants who entered the house without any cinematic background or film acting experience. Being a relatively fresh person, Samyuktha has already got off to a very good start in the show and she is one of the most loved contestants of this season. She has earned a good name inside the house, as well and shares a very good rapport with most of the housemates. Though initially there were opinions that Samyuktha is silent and doesn’t engage much in tasks, she has now slowly changed her game plan and is being visible.

Also, she was one of the five contestants who escaped from nomination this weekend and it will definitely be a good boosting factor for her. As she is inside her house, pictures of her swimming pool photoshoot is now doing good rounds on social media. Whenever a lesser familiar face enters Bigg Boss house, it is common for the netizens to share their old pictures and share it on their forum. We’ve seen this happen for Raiza, Losliya, Tharshan, Mugen, Balaji Murugadoss and many others. The latest to join that list is Samyuktha.

Talking about these photos, she looks absolutely great and is giving fitness goals to a lot of men and women out there. The pictures are currently trending on social media and it looks like Samyuktha is slowly gaining good momentum and popularity on social media. Will Samyuktha become one of the finalists is something that we will have to wait and watch and it will be decided only based on her game play in the coming weeks. A few months before, Galatta Media explored the house of Samyuktha through the ‘Inside Stars Home’ segment and the video has crossed over 1 million views on YouTube.

People who want to know about Samyuktha’s personal life and space can watch the video and we assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Galatta Media has also done the ‘What’s Inside your Handbag’ segment with Samyuktha hosted by our inhouse anchor VJ Ashiq. Both the videos have been embedded below the article and it can be watched. For now, check out the latest trending swimming pool photoshoot pictures of Samyuktha here: