Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic not having subsided yet, we guess life has returned to some kind of normalcy as people are all going about their day-to-day activities, with very minor changes. The fear over the deadly Virus has now given way to just acceptance. Tamil Nadu, which was once registering daily fresh infection numbers in excess of 5000 has now been recording less than 1500 new infections a day and we can dare to call that the spread of the virus has come into some sort of check, despite it not being entirely eradicated. All this on one side, the political games in Tamil Nadu have not come down in any way, with the State Assembly elections set to happen next year and all the political parties gearing up for it.

The hot news in TN today is the protest planned by the cadres of the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), under the leadership of their Youth Wing leader - Anbumani Ramadoss! Reports state that a number of cadres of PMK tried to enter Chennai for a political demonstration but when they were stopped on the outskirts by the Police, it resulted in utter chaos. The party members began protesting against the Police stopping them and they went to the extent of pelting stones at the Ananthapuri-Chennai Express train, coming to Chennai from Trivandrum. The train was subsequently halted between the Chengalpattu-Vandalur stretch for over 10 minutes. Thankfully, the protesters were cleared by the Chengalpattu Police, which unfortunately took over 2 hours and traffic movement was restored.

Reports state that these members of PMK were headed to Chennai to participate in a protest under their leader Anbumani Ramadoss, to press the government to allocate 20% reservation for people from the Vanniyar community, in government jobs and higher education. The party candidates numbered over 600 and those trying to enter Chennai in their private vehicles were stopped by the Police. We also hear that permission was not granted for the protest due to COVID-19 restrictions. In another report, it has come to light that about 250 members of PMK were detained in Cuddalore, to prevent them from travelling to Chennai to join the protest. Another 55 PMK cadres were said to have been detained in Villupuram district, when they tried to stage a road roko, this time to protest against the Police stopping them from proceeding to Chennai.