It is a known fact that every advancement in technology has with it both a boon and a bane. The advent of social media has brought many people closer together and bridged the real gaps by building virtual connections. It has always been advisable to use social media and any other networking app with utmost caution and always stay safe from predators, who lurk at every corner online. Now, a case of a stalker following women online and honeytrapping them and then threatening them with their own naked images, has come to light. This incident has happened in Chennai and the Adyar Cyber Crime Police have arrested the perpetrator behind this crime!

The accused has been identified as Arun Christopher, a 25-year-old man from Tondiarpet. He is an Engineer holding a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and hails from a very well-off family, with both his parents being government staff. Reports state that Arun had been working as part of the temporary staff in the Electricity Department. This whole incident came to light when recently a girl approached Adyar Cyber Cell and lodged a complaint. She had reportedly stated that she had fallen in love with a man she had met online through a social media site. The Police had later come to know that Arun used to get close to women on social media and then interact intimately with them and get their naked photos as well as record the intimate video calls that he used to have with them. 

The Adyar Cyber Cell Police investigated the girl's complaint and came to know that Arun would befriend a girl, get her trust and make them believe that he was in love with them. Upon gaining their trust, he would then get their naked pictures as well as record intimate video calls with them. The Police also came to know that he used to get the social media login details of the girl and then talk to her other friends and get their contact details and in turn speak to them too. When the victim girl's friends came to know about this guy's intentions, they are said to have contacted her father and he is then said to have come to know that his daughter had been honeytrapped. The Police also arrived at the conclusion that as Arun had not demanded any money from the women while blackmailing them of uploading their naked pictures online, he had been doing this only for sexual favours. Arun had smartly formatted his phone and wiped it clean of all data, as soon as the Police arrested him. However, the Cyber Crime Police were even smarter and looked to see if he had uploaded any content to cloud storage and found all the photos and videos of the girls, Arun had cheated. The culprit has now been remanded to judicial custody and two mobiles and a laptop were seized from him.