The topic of the reopening of schools has been in stark focus, all across the country. Ever since the nation-wide lockdown was imposed following the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, the lifting of the restriction has only been happening in phases and among the most recent relaxations allowed by the Central Government comes the reopening of schools and colleges! However, the final decision in this regard has been left at the hands of the State Governments. Some states went ahead and allowed the reopening of their schools and colleges but there has been very high opposition to this from both the parents as well as the students. Even the opposition parties in the state have been against this decision, as the Corona Virus threat has not been completely eliminated yet.

The Tamil Nadu government had earlier stated that it were the teachers and school administrations who wanted the students to return to physical classes, as they were finding it difficult to complete the curriculum for the higher standards. It had originally been planned to ask the students from classes 9 to 12, to come to school from November 16tg. However, after very high opposition to this, the TN government had directed the government, government-aided and private school managements to interact with the parents of the students and obtain their opinion also, before it took any decision. Now, after interacting with the parents, the TN government has decided to defer the reopening of schools, anytime soon! However, a statement from the government states that based on the feedback of the managements of colleges and universities as well as the guidelines issued by the Univerity Grants Commission (UGC) on November 5th, the colleges and universities can be reopened from December 2nd, for research students as well as final year students in post graduation courses of science and polytechnic colleges!

The government has also stated that the dates for the reopening of other colleges would be announced at a later date. The college hostels for the above mentioned students would also be opened only after December 2nd, that too only after following Standard Operating Procedures. The other students would continue to attend their online classes, to continue their education. An official release stated, "During this festival season, people gather in large numbers on roadsides and bus stands and while coming out, people fail to adhere to guidelines such as wearing masks and maintaining physical distance. Besides, reports about a second wave of COVID-19 infection are coming from foreign countries. As such, it has become imperative to intensify the measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection." Meanwhile, the earlier permission given for religious, social, political, entertainment, cultural and educational gatherings and meetings related to such events with not more than 100 participants from November 16th, has been withdrawn. Such gatherings will not be permitted till further orders.