The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic has caused a number of events to be postponed or cancelled across different places of the world. Some lifetime events like marriages have also been postponed or held in a very low-key manner, to ensure the safety of the people and to prevent the Virus from spreading. Even global sporting events like the Cricket T20 World Cup and the Olympics have been postponed. However, now with the severity of the infection spread reducing, there have been a lot of relaxations in the guidelines and quite a bit of normalcy has returned. Unfortunately, with the sudden surge in the number of new cases arising from a mutant strain of the Corona Virus in the UK, has created some panic among the people. With all this happening, the going ahead of the traditional bull taming event of Tamil Nadu - Jallikattu, was in a lot of doubt!

Putting an end to all speculation and giving the people of Tamil Nadu a huge relief, the TN Government has given the nod for the Jallikattu events to happen in 2021! Considered a traditional event, which most people in the villages of Tamil Nadu follow with pride, Jallikattu happens around the Pongal season, every year. With the uncertainty over the Jallikattu happening or not being cleared, the participants have to begin preparing themselves for this ardous sport. However, the Tamil Nadu Govt. has issued a set of guidelines & restrictions to be strictly followed, for the events to be conducted. One of the main guidelines is that all the players have to produce COVID-19 negative certificates, to be allowed to participate.

An important restriction is that, the number of spectators allowed should only be 50% of the gathering capacity. Also, only 300 players can participate in any Jallikattu event. All the spectators would have to undergo thermal scanning with all the bull owners and tamers, having to undero COVID tests. Everybody present at the Jallikattu premises should mandatorily sport face masks. The ages old traditional sport of Jallikattu was banned in 2016 after protests by PETA but this resulted in agitations and protests across the state. The Tamil Nadu government then passed an ordinance to allow Jallikattu, which was then approved by the Central Government, allowing it to resume in 2017!