The 2016 Tamil movie Joker, created a hard-hitting impact on everybody who watched it. The core plot of the movie revolved around a toilet and how important it is to have one. Now, an incident in Tamil Nadu, has made heart-wrenching headlines. 24-year-old government employee Saranya, worked at a government depot in Kancheepuram. The office where she works in, does not have a washroom facility and so she and the rest of her female colleagues had to go to a neighbouring house to relieve themselves. In one such instance, Saranya had gone to attend nature's call but the move turned fatal after she fell into an open septic tank. The neighbouring house is said to be an under-construction building. 

Saranya had cleared the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) exams and joined the Kancheepuram agriculture development office, in March, 2019! Her parents state that she had been mentioning about wanting to quit her job a number of times, as all womenfolk were finding it difficult to handle not having a washroom at the work premises. Reports state that the employees of this office used to go to nearby houses or this unfortunate under-construction building which is also being constructed as a part of a government scheme, to attend to nature's calls. Saranya had gone there to urinate and when she didn't return for over half-an-hour, her worried colleagues went to search for her. 

The colleagues are said to have noticed Saranya's footwear floating in the septic tank, following which they pulled her out. She was rushed to the Kancheepuram Government Hospital but was declared dead upon arrival. Agricultural Secretary Gagangdeep Singh Bedi was quoted as saying, "The death of the woman is unfortunate and I am upset by the incident. There are several agricultural depots across the state and they are managed by the Block Development Officers. However, there are very few independent agricultural depots like this one in Kalakattur. In this case, the District Collector has already sent a report to the State Government for necessary relief for the family." The victim's kim have demanded compensation and a government job for one of their family members and also requested that the government build proper toilets in all government buildings to avoid any such similar incidents in the future.