In recent times, news of Police brutality and high-handedness have been hitting the headlines, rather frequently! There is a general belief that Policemen have some kind of special power to mistreat common people and that they are untouchable in the eyes of the law. However, the public and even the law have been showing time and again that errant Police will not be tolerated. Now, another incident of a Policeman toeing the line of the law, has come to light! A constable from the KK Nagar Police Station has reportedly misbehaved with a 20-year-old woman, while being inebriated despite still being in uniform!

Rajiv, from Arumbakkam, is a constable from the KK Nagar Police Station but had recently been posted to the MGR Nagar Police Station, on OD, as revealed by a senior Police officer. News reports state that around 10:00 pm on Sunday, Rajiv was returning home after work, when he stopped his 2-wheeler, at a bus stop near the Ambika Empire Hotel on the 100 Feet road. He is then said to have approached a 20-year-old woman at the bus stop and asked her to accompany him on the 2-wheeler. A Police officer in the know has stated that when the woman refused to accompany him, Rajiv pulled her hand and abused her. At this instance, she is said to have raised an alarm, following which another woman at the bus stop came to her aid and soon, other passers-by also gathered.

The public then questioned the cop and when he did not have appropriate answers and also when they came to know of his inebriated state, they began thrashing him. People began attacking the policeman, despite him being in uniform. Some men held his hand and ensured that the victim hit him with her slippers. Many of the people gathered around too, began attacking the cop. A number of onlookers captured this incident on camera and the videos have since gone viral, online. A Police officer revealed that Rajiv had since been taken into custody but was released on bail, as he had suffered injuries and had to receive treatment. It was also announced that Rajiv had been placed under suspension and that departmental action will be initiated against him for being drunk while in uniform.