These are testing times for everybody indeed. With the ongoing COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic wreaking havoc among mankind, the people of Tamil Nadu are also facing issues from natural calamities. A horrific incident from Coimbatore has now come to light. Following heavy rains coupled with strong winds, a single-storey building on Chetti Veedhi (Chetti Street) suddenly came down on Sunday (yesterday) night. Reports state that two people, including a woman, were killed in this unfortunate incident. The Police have stated that they have recued six people so far but that the search is on for more people.

Reports state that the building collapsed around 10:30 pm and eight people in total, including two of them on the ground floor, got caught in the debris. The Police department as well as the Fire & Rescue personnel worked tirelessly to clear the debris and managed to pull all those who were trapped. The District Collector K Rajamani and Police Commissioner Sumit Sharan monitored the rescue operations. The people rescued from the debris included a six-year-old child while there is said to be another child awaiting rescue.

Coimbatore city was battered by heavy rains and strong winds from evening till midnight, leading to this incident. A report from the incident site mentioned one of the rescue workers as telling, "We are hearing desperate cries for help, so we are cautiously clearing the debris." The Police had kept ambulances and medical teams on standby for the entire duration of the rescue operations. We pray for the souls of the deceased to rest in peace and for all those injured and their family members to find the strength to tide over these difficult circumstances!