The South of India is currently in the peak of its monsoon season and for a change, there have been good rains. Even as this news is being put together, rains have been lashing many parts of the city (Chennai) and looks good to continue through the night! With the Deepavali festival just around the corner, a weather forecast report issued by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), gives out a rather gloomy update. 

The report states that the next few days would be bringing heavy rainfall with thunderstorms and lightning, in areas of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. For the period till November 17th, as part of its all India weather bulletin, the IMD has forecast scattered to heavy rainfall along with thunderstorm and lightning and also some isolated heavy falls, to be likely in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karaikal regions. However, the forecast for Andhra Pradesh is heavy rainfall, especially over the coastal regions till November 13th and again on November 16th and 17th!

The IMD report read, "Mainly easterlies prevails over the entire country, under its influence gradual rise in minimum temperature by 2-3 degree Celsius over Northwest India and by 2-4 degree Celsius over East, Central and south Peninsular India during next 3 days." Two easterly waves which are in quick succession are likely to influence the Southern peninsula of India, over the rest of this week. It is very likely that there could be some showers on Deepavali day and it is advisable to stay safe.