We all know of Siddharth's upcoming trilingual movie titles Aval, Gruham and the house next door in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi respectively. This movie scores a list of firsts. This is the first film that Siddharth has contributed towards its writing, This is the first film of Siddharth that's releasing simultaneously. The film also has many seconds, for example, this will Andrea jeremiah's second bollywood film after Vishwaroop, and her secomnd trilingual film, after Vishwaroopam. 

Addressing the media, at a recent event, actor Siddharth was quoted saying "I am a huge fan of horror movies and had always felt iconic horror films are fewer in Indian cinema. This was the reason myself, and Milind Rau decided to make ‘Aval’. Milind Rau and I are very good friends for ages, from the time we worked as assistant directors with Mani Ratnam sir."

"Though ‘Aval’ is based on a real-life incident, we also did extensive research about this script, genre and audience’s mindset about horror. We must admit that the concept of horror in Indian cinema has changed a lot over the past couple of decades that it has been diluted heavily. We wanted to do a pure horror movie on par with ‘The Conjuring’, ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘The Evil Dead’, and that idea was the birth of ‘Aval’," he adds.

Continuing, he says, "'Aval’ is a hardcore horror flick which will scare and frighten the audience with a strong content and at every opportunity. I am working with Atul Kulkarni after a long gap in ‘Aval’. His dedication and inputs have been fabulous. Andrea has been such a strength for the movie, and this role will be one of the highlights of her wonderful career. I am very excited about the outcome, and I am sure audience are in for a horror treat from November 3."