You know how Baahubali is revered for being powerful yet considerate? Well, that applies to Prabhas in real life too! The actor who has raced ahead of his pack, with two back-to-back hits in the Baahubali garb, has done something really sweet.

Vikram Prabhu has his hands and thoughts filled with his very first independent production venture Neruppuda, in which he also plays the lead. And yet he took the time to tell the world just what a kind deed Baahubali Prabhas did. Vikram Prabhu's son Virat is a huge Baahubali fan (well who isn't! ) And so for his birthday Prabhas gifted him the customized sword that Baahubali uses in the movie! Obviously the boy was over the moon, and his father was deeply moved. Vikram Prabhu immediately shared with his tweeple, just what a 'darling' Prabhas really is.