Alex Pandian is Karthi and Anushka's upcoming movie, under Suraaj's direction! Anushka had been away for a while, and she had recently returned to Chennai, to resume shooting for the movie. However, she had brought along her own personal makeup assistant, and when the both of them came down to the sets for the day's shoot, about 25-30 members from the local makeup union crowded them, and demanded that the outsider be sent away from the shooting spot, as that person was not a member of their union. Some unit sources reveal that the union members also verbally assaulted Anushka to the level that she was reduced to tears, and literally ran away from the scene. Following all this melee, Karthi intervened, and calmed down the union members, following which the personal makeup woman was sent away from the shooting spot, and the shoot resumed! Tempers running high indeed!