It has been a turbulent time for theatres across the state for the past one week. Theatres across Tamil Nadu with the exception of screens in Chennai had called for a strike protesting the Local Body Entertainment Tax (LBET) levied on them along with the GST.

That being said, reputed film exhibitor and Chennai Theatre Owners Association President Abirami Ramanathan made a big announcement today evening stating all theatres across the state will begin functioning again from tomorrow (March 23).

During his interaction with the press, Abirami Ramanathan stated Tamil Nadu ministers Kadambur Raju and KC Veeramani had given assurances to theatre owners that all their demands will be carried out.

He further went on to that after the assurance of the Tamil Nadu Government, they (Tamil Nadu Theatres Association) have now arrived at the decision to screen old Tamil and other language films and, will begin screening new films once the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) strike comes to an end.