Remember Lekha Washington? Yes, the same girl who was a part of Jayam Kondaan and Va Quarter Cutting. She was then signed up for STR's directorial debut Kettavan, which came to a standstill after few days of shooting. As on date, Kettavan seems to have been abandoned and is still unclear as to who will replace Lekha Washington.

Lekha, who neither wishes to return to the small screen nor doesn't have any significant role in movies is caught in the crossroads of her career. Eventually, Lekha is trying to bring out the 'director' in her and her first attempt in film making will be in the form of a short film. When she showed the script of her proposed short film to Simbu, she was taken aback with surprise as the actor agreed to play the lead role.

Looks like Simbu's offer has healed the wounds which was inflicted due to the eviction of the actress from Kettavan.

- by Mahjabeen Ashraf