The Nadigar Sangam had organized a protest yesterday (08.04.2018) in Chennai against the Sterlite factory in Tuticorin.

The event was also saw celebrities from the Tamil film industry stress on the immediate need for the setting up of the Cauvery Management Board.

Although the silent protest saw many A-list stars as well as other reputed stars take part, actor Simbu had not participated in the event earlier in the day yesterday and addressed the media later at his residence on why he had not taken part.

During his interaction with the press, STR spoke out saying a silent protest would be of no use as issues can only be resolved through a dialogue.

Simbu stated, "The nation will pay attention to the issues in our state only if we all stand united. I request MS Dhoni to take note of the crisis and the emotions of the people of Tamil Nadu and make an effort to bring a resolve if possible."

Furthermore, STR stated, "I wish all my brothers, sisters and mothers in Karnataka to make a video of them sharing a glass of water to a fellow Tamilian. My hope is that they will understand the struggle we as a people are going through. I believe we are all human beings at the end of the day and need to stand out against bias and discrimination."

Simbu concluded saying, "At no point do I believe the mothers in Karnataka will say ‘NO’ to giving water to others after they satisfy their thirst first. This is why I say we need to talk and only a dialogue will bring forward a solution rather than staying quiet."

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