<p> Lakshmipriya who was seen in <em>Sutta Kadhai </em>is back with <em>Kallapadam</em>. She is a multifaceted person and a cricketer by nature. Reportedly, the script of <em>Kallapadam</em> needed Lakshmipriya to gain some weight. The actress gobbled sweets and gained weight in a few days. The director of the movie again demanded her to lose a couple of kilos.</p> <p> The actress made use of her willpower and athletic skills and lost weight. The director of <em>Kallapadam </em>was astounded to see Lakshmipriya&rsquo;s dedication in this hero dominated industry. When asked about this,&nbsp;Lakshmipriya&nbsp;quoted, &ldquo;I aspire to be known as an actress of acting substance than being referred to as a star.&rdquo;</p>