In a shocking turn of events, actor Saravanan was unexpectedly announced to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house last night. Towards the end of last night's episode, Saravanan was called inside the confession room where the Bigg Boss informed him about it. Saravanan was evicted for his controversial comment about groping women in crowded buses during his college days. Though Saravanan apologized for his comment on the show, it looks like the makers haven't taken it lightly. Saravanan was asked to leave the house through another side door inside the confession room and he was given no time to bid goodbye to other contestants. The housemates were pushed to deep shock when they came to know about this development.

We saw their emotional reaction through the first promo that came out earlier this morning. Sandy, Kavin, and Madhumitha were full of tears after hearing upon this incident. The second promo is out now and this is a follow up to the first promo. In this promo, we see the housemates sharing their emotional feeling about Saravanan. The housemates are expecting to see Saravanan this Saturday with Kamal Haasan, but will he be seen?

Well, we will have to wait. Cheran is seen consoling the housemates telling that Saravanan will withstand this dull phase. Check out the promo here: