Simbu and Anirudh Ravichander has reportedly landed in trouble after their new song "Beep" leaked online. The song has a number of cuss words and is particularly not appreciated by women as it is offensive and demeaning. The song sung by Simbu has received a lot of hate on social media platforms. 

However, young music director Anirudh, who is currently in Canada for a live concert, has distanced himself from the controversy. He has clarified that neither the song is his composition nor his lyrics or voice. "It is neither my composition nor my lyrics and I am not the singer. I wish to state my innocence in this matter categorically. Unfortunately and to my dismay, my name has been unnecessarily dragged into this controversy even though I am not in any way connected. I wish to reiterate I have the greatest regard and respect for women putting to rest all speculations on this subject," the young lad clarified in his FB page.