Billa at Cannes

Billa was screened at Cannes on May 18, 2008. The film,ii¿½i¿½a remake of the 70s blockbuster of the same name, gained everyone’s attention in Cannes.

Ajith, producer L. Suresh (of Ananda Pictures), director Vishnuvardhan, and G. Dhananjayan, CEOii¿½i¿½of Moser Baer,ii¿½i¿½witnessed the screening of this magnum opus which was received very well with huge applause from the audience. This film was screened in the promoting section of the festival, like all other Indians films that have been screened so far. This exclusive section is allotted only to films that become very famous in the international film arena.

It is a matter of pride that many Indian movies are gaining such attention these days. Hats off to theii¿½i¿½Billa crew!

Billa is so grand and its grandeur has reached the nooks and corners of the world. And it is on the way to becoming a cult film now that its sequel is being made. One day Billa will definitely be counted as one of the best 100 movies of the world.

Galatta congratulates the Billa crew for making it toii¿½i¿½Cannes.

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